Services and Rates

VK Book Publishing Services offers book design, project management, and consultation services for both traditional publishers and self-publishers.

Service Descriptions

Interior layout (also known as typesetting) is the process of setting your text on the page in a way that provides the best experience possible for your readers. A good layout maximizes readability through careful attention to details like font choice, word spacing, number of lines per page, and widow and orphan control. We apply a comprehensive set of style standards to all our books that is in line with the standards used by major publishers.

Ebook conversion is the process of formatting your ebook in a way that ensures proper display of your text across all major e-reading apps and devices. We don’t simply run your book through an automated program and hope for the best. Our process involves a comprehensive line-by-line code check to ensure everything meets the current standards required by the major ebook retailers (including Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play). We also test the files for compatibility with multiple e-reading apps and devices.

Cover design helps define your book and make it stand out from others. As part of our cover design service, we can work with authors who have an image they want used or with those who want help deciding what visuals are best for their book. Regardless of the process, the goal is always the same: to produce a cover that will connect with potential readers and make them want to pick your book off the shelf.

Samples of our design work can be found here.

Publication management offers authors assistance with the nuts and bolts of self-publishing, including purchasing ISBNs, registering the book’s copyright, attaining LCCN or CIP numbers through the Library of Congress, and consultation throughout the project.


Interior layout and ebook conversion combined.*

For fiction and narrative nonfiction books with up to 80,000 words and ten images, we charge $2,475. This service includes up to three hours of author revisions. Additional changes will be billed hourly.

Standard nonfiction books and books that do not fit these specs require a custom estimate.

*Since most clients need both interior layout and ebook conversion, we combine these services. If you are interested in just interior layout or ebook conversion, email us for a custom quote.

Cover design

Cover design runs $75 per hour. A typical range for cover design is $750–$1,500, depending on the complexity of design and the number of mock-ups needed.

Publication management

Publication management runs $75 per hour. Most first-time authors need anywhere from 5–10 hours of help ($375–$750).