Happy Book Birthday to “Screwed Up Somehow but Not Stupid”

Join me in wishing a happy book birthday to Peter Flom’s Screwed Up Somehow but Not Stupid. I did the interior design for this book.


About the Book

When Peter Flom was five years old, his parents were told that he had “minimal brain dysfunction” and would never go to college. Peter skipped one year of high school, did college in three years, got his BA at twenty and now has two MAs and a Ph.D. He’s married and has two sons. He also has a different diagnosis: Nonverbal Learning Disability. In Screwed Up Somehow but Not Stupid, Peter describes what it’s like to live life with a learning disability, but also with some abilities.

Screwed Up Somehow but Not Stupid is available though most major book retailers. ISBN: 978-0-692-61169-2.

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