Happy Book Birthday to “Breakfast in Bridgetown, Third Edition”

Join me in wishing a happy book birthday to the third edition of Paul Gerald’s Breakfast in Bridgetown. I did the interior design for this book.

Breakfast in Bridgetown, Third Edition
Cover by Alan Dubinsky

About the Book

Breakfast in Bridgetown is back for a third time! The definitive guide to Portland’s favorite meal now includes well over 150 places to find your morning meal, as well as sections on food carts, downtown hotels, out-of-town favorites, and gluten-free breakfasts.

Paul Gerald, author of the best-selling 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland, takes you on a fun and informative tour of Portland and its breakfast spots: where they are, what they’re like, how their food is, who eats there, and most importantly, what kind of coffee they serve.

With maps, helpful categories and handy lists, Breakfast in Bridgetown is a tour of Portland’s breakfast scene, from mom-and-pop diners to fancy weekend brunches. Keep it handy in your car or just read it for fun. Either way, we’ll see you out at breakfast!


Breakfast in Bridgetown is available at paulgerald.com and in many Portland-area bookstores and restaurants.

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