It’s sassy, irreverent, girl-power nonfiction book launch day! Hooray!

Today is book launch day for two of my clients (one of which is also a colleague) and their not-remotely-boring nonfiction books.  Congratulations to Kristen Hall-Geisler (a fellow editor here at Indigo Editing & Publications) on the release of Take the Wheel: A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car Hew Own Damn Self and Becki Saltzman on the release of Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals.


Take the Wheel Book Description: The miles on your odometer keep ticking over, and you keep putting it off: the dreaded day when you have to buy a new (or new to you) car. You weigh every clunk and ping against the pain of spending time with a car salesman. You need a budget. You need a clue. You need a friend to tell you how smart and awesome you are, and that you’ve totally got this. You need to Take the Wheel, and Kristen Hall-Geisler, automotive journalist and woman herself, is here to help.


coverArousing the Buy Curious Book Description: This entertaining and instructional romp will ignite incredible real estate results…and it is not rated PG-13. Whether you’re looking to hire a real estate professional or striving to enhance your real estate career, you need this book.  For Buy Curious Professionals: This book contains the best techniques in all the land for providing top real estate representation to your clients and lining your pockets accordingly. Sexy mind-science is here along with the hilarious and instructive stories that we have all been waiting for.  For Buy Curious Patrons: This book will save you way more money than you ever spent to buy it. There is no other book that will give you the real inside scoop on real estate. Not with naughty words, anyway


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