Flash Grammar: An Anthology of Greatness

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce the release of Flash Grammar: An Anthology of Greatness—a book written, edited, and designed entirely by students in my Grammar for Publishers and Writers class a Portland State University.

Flash Grammar: An Anthology of Greatness was created to serve as a guide for students, aspiring writers, and editors looking for good examples of how to use grammar to achieve a rhetorical effect. Its pages contain a mixture of short stories, essays, and poems written in response to challenges like “write a piece with no to be verbs” and “write a grammatically correct, one-hundred word sentence.”

You can read the anthology for free by either downloading the PDF or reading the online version at flashgrammar.wordpress.com. You can purchase print versions of the anthology for $5.95 through Odin Ink at the Portland State University bookstore.

Click here to download the PDF (2.1 MB).

Click here to visit the website.

Visit Odin Ink to purchase print copies.

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