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Continuing my showcase of books my clients and students put out this past year, I turn my attention now to the two-book series The Investigation of Pepe Chavez, et al., by Ray Tercek. I had the privilege of serving as the author’s project manager for production of both books. Below are descriptions of the books taken from

In the early 1980s, Portland Police Sergeant Ray Tercek helped launch one of the nation’s largest drug trafficking conspiracy investigations—something he didn’t initially set out to do. Ray Tercek’s first book in the Pepe series, How Presidential Task Force #NW-OR-001 Challenged Conventional Drug Investigation Methods, details the first phase of the investigation. It is a true-crime story of local cops who pursue a cocaine smuggling enterprise from its roots in Lima, Peru, to distribution around America’s national pro drag racing circuit. The book takes readers through several years of the Chavez cocaine smuggling enterprise, provides an introspective look at the mechanics of a federal historical conspiracy method of investigation, and exposes the behind-the-scenes interagency and internal wrangling.

When Police and Politics Collide, the second of the series, details the second phase of the investigation—a secret federal grand jury investigation of the higher echelons of the criminal organization—which ended in a scandalous internal fallout in the City of Portland. When a Portland Police Officer leaked investigative secrets, bureaucratic obstructions were immediately thrown into the path of the investigation. Why? Because the offending officer is married to the Chief of Police.

The two books combine for a thought-provoking examination of how political ambitions can clash with an investigative mission. Ray Tercek’s series provides readers with a case study of high-profile investigative methods and the behind-the-scenes politics that typically bind these cases.

The Investigation of Pepe Chavez, et al.: How Presidential Task Force #NW-OR-001 Challenged Conventional Drug Investigation Methods an When Police and Politics Collide can both be ordered through


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