Happy Book Birthday to “Finding The Right Message,” by Jennifer Havice

Join me in wishing a happy book birthday to Jennifer Havice’s Finding The Right Message. For this book, I did the ebook conversion.*


About the book

Imagine if you could connect with your website visitors the moment they landed on your site. They understood exactly what kind of value your product or solution provided. And they were eager to join your email list or hit the buy button.

What would that mean to your business?

In Finding The Right Message, pro conversion rate optimizer and online copywriter Jen Havice walks you through how to ask the right questions of your customers to learn what they need to hear from you to take action on your website.

In the book you’ll get a step-by-step guide that any small business owner or marketer can easily start using. You’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step process for review mining so that you can paint a picture of your customers with the words they use
  • Best practices for conducting interviews and surveys
  • How to analyze your voice of customer research findings and apply them to your copy
  • How to write a value proposition that speaks directly to the customer’s problem and how your product of solution will help fix it
  • What the differences between features and benefits really are and how that affects your website copy

Finding the Right Message is available on Amazon.com.

*My services were contracted by Indigo Editing & Publications.

Happy Book Birthday to “The Best Places to Pee (Second Edition),” by Kelly Melillo

Join me in wishing a happy book birthday to the second edition of Kelly Melillo’s The Best Places to Pee. For this book, I worked with the author to expand the content and update the look of the book.


About the Book
The Best Places To Pee is a creative twist to your traditional travel guide. An imaginative roadmap that uses funky and fabulous bathrooms as a navigational tool for exploring the city. It’s the essential guide to an eccentric exploration of Portland, Oregon.

Beyond learning where the best bathrooms are in the city—colorful and witty narrations reveal an alluring mix of history, folklore, and personal insights from some of P­town’s most talented restaurateurs and business owners. These stories and facts are as unique to the owners as they are representative of the neighborhoods in which the businesses reside. Creating insight into the many distinct neighborhoods of Portland.

The pages of this book lead you on a journey through Portland’s hip and trendy present while also sharing parts of its past. The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland is fresh, fun and your gotta have it guide!

The Best Places To Pee is available through thebestplacestopee.com.

Pre-Order My Book, Save 25 Percent

In case you missed the news, I have a book coming out on March 22!


You can pre-order a copy of the paperback version today and save 25 percent. Visits vkbps.com/book to place your order. You can also pre-order the Kindle version of the book through Amazon and have it delivered automatically to your device or app on March 22.

About the Book

For over a decade, publications consultant Vinnie Kinsella has been helping authors navigate the complex self-publishing landscape. Now he’s brought his top tips together in one succinct volume. Ranging from the practical to the personal, these tips offer insight into what sets successful self-publishers apart from the rest. Illuminate your book’s path with A Little Bit of Advice for Self-Publishers.

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ISBN: 978-0-692-65226-8

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